The Word of God feeds our hearts and souls.


August 5, 2018 – Bread and Freedom

The Israelites were clamoring to Moses about the difficulties they have in the desert. They recalled the life they had in Egypt, not the bad ones but the food. They have easily forgotten the burdens that broke their backs under the yoke of their Egyptians masters!

This human reality has not changed throughout the millennia. Many of us would surrender their freedom and principles just to achieve what they wanted. They are willing to let go of their freedom in exchange of a few thousand pesos. They are willing to turn a blind eye on the evil that is happening as long as they will get the favor that they wanted.

Looking at our situation today, there seems to be no difference at all. Many of us would ignore the evil that is happening around us because they are receiving benefits. Mas maayo na lang ini sang sa wala. Anhon namon ang prinsipyo kon wala kami sang makaon.

This is exactly what Jesus was trying to tell those who were listening to him. The freedom that comes from one’s human dignity is far more valuable.


July 15, 2018 – Amos the Prophet of Social Justice

First Reading: Amos 7: 12 – 15

The prophet Amos was told by the court prophets to go back to where he came from.  What is happening here?

During this time court prophets are those who are the “professional prophets” because they are those who are part of the political institution in the kingdom. They are the ones that the king and the people consult in the officially recognized sanctuaries.

Amos is someone who is outside of the professional circle of prophets. This is the reason why Amaziah, who is a priest in Bethel, told Amos to go back to the land of Judah because there is no place here in Bethel for Amos. Note that Amos is considered as a prophet but not Amaziah.

What is the implication of this to our present-day realities?

This is actually relevant for us in the present. The Church stands as a voice that would seek to tell the truth even against those who are powerful. The sad part is that when those who are supposed to tell the truth will no longer speak it because of fear of those who are powerful.

The balance of power has to be maintained, or else those who have the sword will no longer temper themselves. Truth must be the test that power must have to reckon with or else those who are in power are bound to abuse the weak and the gullible.


July 1, 2018 – The Lord Uplifts the Humble

“For you know the gracious act of our Lord Jesus Christ that though he was rich, for your sake he became poor so that by his poverty you might become rich.”

This act of “emptying” made by Jesus showed that he placed himself at the lowest level so that our own lowliness becomes richer. In his utmost humility, no one can claim that there is someone more humble than him.

The degree of humility depends on one’s own dignity. A president who is humble is more magnanimous than a beggar who is humble. This is by virtue of justice. Thus, no one can be more humble than Jesus because Jesus is God. His dignity will never be equal by anyone except God himself. We can say therefore that because the dignity that Jesus left behind is incomparable.

With this in mind, we are reminded to humble ourselves. Sometimes our own accolades, successes and material possessions puff our egos. We might think that because we have made it in this world that we become superior to others. The reading today reminds us that humility finds its meaning in the dignity of the person thus the greater or successful you are, the humbler you have to be.



June 24 – Repentance A New Culture

The birth of the John the Baptist signals a new beginning, a new dawn that fulfills the Promise of the Old Testament. The life of John the Baptist showed that entrance into this new reality brought about by the person of Jesus and his mission is the need to leave behind those that we have been comfortable.

Repentance can be considered as the “leaving behind of habits that we are comfortable but may no longer be relevant or related to this new or emerging reality. This Sunday went find ourselves being invited to discern what is in us that stands opposite to our being Christians.


June 17, 2018 – Growth the Mark of Life

The Gospel today tells us about “growth” as a mark of life. Only those that are alive grows. Non-living things do not grow taller or wider. Yes, there are non-living things that get bigger, but it is not growth but accretion. Accretion increases in size from the outside. While growth in living things comes from the inside and the difference is felt by the whole, in other words, it is organic. The Kingdom of God is “alive” because it grows from within itself. Its growth is silent, you cannot hear it, but when you encounter it, you will know it.

In our lives, growth is important if we are not growing then we might think that we have already stagnated and might be devoid of “life.”