August 5, 2018 – Bread and Freedom

The Israelites were clamoring to Moses about the difficulties they have in the desert. They recalled the life they had in Egypt, not the bad ones but the food. They have easily forgotten the burdens that broke their backs under the yoke of their Egyptians masters!

This human reality has not changed throughout the millennia. Many of us would surrender their freedom and principles just to achieve what they wanted. They are willing to let go of their freedom in exchange of a few thousand pesos. They are willing to turn a blind eye on the evil that is happening as long as they will get the favor that they wanted.

Looking at our situation today, there seems to be no difference at all. Many of us would ignore the evil that is happening around us because they are receiving benefits. Mas maayo na lang ini sang sa wala. Anhon namon ang prinsipyo kon wala kami sang makaon.

This is exactly what Jesus was trying to tell those who were listening to him. The freedom that comes from one’s human dignity is far more valuable.

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