July 15, 2018 – Amos the Prophet of Social Justice

First Reading: Amos 7: 12 – 15

The prophet Amos was told by the court prophets to go back to where he came from.  What is happening here?

During this time court prophets are those who are the “professional prophets” because they are those who are part of the political institution in the kingdom. They are the ones that the king and the people consult in the officially recognized sanctuaries.

Amos is someone who is outside of the professional circle of prophets. This is the reason why Amaziah, who is a priest in Bethel, told Amos to go back to the land of Judah because there is no place here in Bethel for Amos. Note that Amos is considered as a prophet but not Amaziah.

What is the implication of this to our present-day realities?

This is actually relevant for us in the present. The Church stands as a voice that would seek to tell the truth even against those who are powerful. The sad part is that when those who are supposed to tell the truth will no longer speak it because of fear of those who are powerful.

The balance of power has to be maintained, or else those who have the sword will no longer temper themselves. Truth must be the test that power must have to reckon with or else those who are in power are bound to abuse the weak and the gullible.

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