July 1, 2018 – The Lord Uplifts the Humble

“For you know the gracious act of our Lord Jesus Christ that though he was rich, for your sake he became poor so that by his poverty you might become rich.”

This act of “emptying” made by Jesus showed that he placed himself at the lowest level so that our own lowliness becomes richer. In his utmost humility, no one can claim that there is someone more humble than him.

The degree of humility depends on one’s own dignity. A president who is humble is more magnanimous than a beggar who is humble. This is by virtue of justice. Thus, no one can be more humble than Jesus because Jesus is God. His dignity will never be equal by anyone except God himself. We can say therefore that because the dignity that Jesus left behind is incomparable.

With this in mind, we are reminded to humble ourselves. Sometimes our own accolades, successes and material possessions puff our egos. We might think that because we have made it in this world that we become superior to others. The reading today reminds us that humility finds its meaning in the dignity of the person thus the greater or successful you are, the humbler you have to be.


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