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Shemot Book on American Academy of Religion Member Note

Shemot: A People Remembered published by the Center for Biblical Literacy and Education (CBLE) is included in the Member Notes of the American Academy of Religion (the world’s largest association of scholars in the field of religious studies) for the month of May.

Fr. Deogracias Aurelio V. Camon is a member of the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature.



Monday Evening Torah Study #1 (METS)

Every Monday at 6 – 7 PM, we gather in Our Mother of Perpetual Help Chaplaincy (OMPHC – La Salle Ville) to savor the WORD of God as revealed in the Torah.

This was our topic last Monday. Read on…

Tradition has accepted Moses as the author of the Torah. In the light of the hermeneutics used here, the most important role of Moses is that he is the “storyteller par excellence” in the development of the Israelites’ narrative self-identity. As a storyteller, Moses fashioned the narratives that articulated the aspirations and struggles of his people. Moses when he “wrote” the Torah transforms history to memory and memory to identity.

Moses is the central figure in the Shemot with its first two chapters narrating the circumstances of his birth. The continuity of Bereshit and Shemot is provided by a genealogy on Jacob’s descendants who transferred to Egypt. The first chapter also tells us how the descendants of Jacob increased in numbers. However, the Egyptian political landscape was also changing with the rise of a dynasty that was afraid of the growing Israelite population. The figure of oses stood as a witness to this changing political panorama.

When Moses was born, his mother saw that he was a healthy child (Exodus 2:2). While it seems that there is nothing significant in the description of the baby as “healthy.” Interestingly, the Hebrew text used the word “tov.” In the Genesis creation story, the word tov was also used: “God saw that it was good (tov).For an informed reader particularly to those who read Hebrew, this word surely evokes the Genesis story. The author wanted to tell us that the new history of the people of Israelites was marked by the birth of a healthy (tov) boy just as the birth of the cosmos was marked by God’s calling it as tov.


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